Skills Through Experience Program (STEP)

“It’s the Skills, Stupid,” is my Mantra

That’s why I wrote 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College and created the Skills Through Experience Program (STEP) at Syracuse University

Politicians, employers and educators have been calling for more skills in public education since Benjamin Franklin. They continue to call for skills with increasing frequency and intensity as economic conditions change.

STEP is available as a database to schools and colleges at  It is a NEW solution for an OLD educational problem: preparing students and employees for career success.

The Skills Win Database provides hands-on materials to develop 38 skills organized into 10 Skill Sets listed below.

Make Benjamin Franklin happy. Go download the Skills Win! Poster (DOWNLOAD).  You can print as many copies of the Poster as you want so that you and those you are helping develop the skills can set as their educational goals these skills.

Everyday Skills for Career and Citizenship