Public Service

Public Service Activities to Agencies Serving Youth

A direct byproduct of the use of public service in the policy studies curriculum led to the University Reach Program in 1988. The program has received more than $275,000 in grants from the Mott Foundation, Nationwide Insurance, UPS and the Kellogg Foundation to support undergraduates working with inner-city youth in a variety of projects. Since 1999, he has offered a course where undergraduates provide a range of programs to youth at a community center located in a public housing project located near the University and other locations throughout the city of Syracuse.

He became a board member of the Syracuse Boys and Girls Club to better connect the work of SU undergraduates to the largest provider of youth programs in Syracuse. He received the 2001 President’s Award, the highest award offered by the Boys and Girls Club, for his efforts in the Continuous Improvement System for evaluating programs. His skills approach has been pilot tested in youth programs, middle and high schools and adult training programs across the nation.

Improving Local Governments

In 1996, he and the then Chair of the Public Administration Department, Astrid Merget, received a $579,000 three-year grant from the Sloan Foundation to develop benchmarks for government service performance in Onondaga County and to establish the Maxwell Community Benchmarks Program. He co-authored a book in 2000, with Carol Dwyer, entitled Does your Government Measure Up: Basic Tools for Local Officials and Citizens. The book has been endorsed by professional associations such as the American Chamber of Commerce and the International City Managers Association. With two colleagues, he published an article in the Public Administration Review in 2002 entitled “The professional researcher as change agent in the government-performance movement.” He also served as vice-chair and chair of the Town of Manlius Coalition in the late 1990’s.