Education Reform

Reforming College and High School Education

Throughout his career, he has written extensively on the need to reform both high school and college education to meet the needs of the majority of students who see education as a path to better employment opportunities and educators who want their students to succeed as citizens and in whatever post-secondary education they pursue.

With his publication of Ten Things Employers Want You to Learn in College in August 2003, he has received numerous interviews and written extensively on how to bring about such reforms. He has written articles on education in USA Today, the Albany Times Union and for Knight-Ridder publications, as well as educational websites for Newsweek magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

A seven-member panel of national experts selected his paper, “Seven ways to reduce instructional costs and improve undergraduate and graduate education” for publication by the Lumina Foundation for Higher Education, and an article based on it appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

High School Curriculum and Training Activities in Citizenship Education

He designed and implemented curriculum to develop career and citizenship skills among college and high school students. His Public Affairs 101: Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy course served as the base for his contribution to guidelines for the Regents 12th grade course “participation in government” required of all graduating high school students in New York State. The course has been taken by more than 6,000 students at Syracuse University over the past 30 years. More than 10,000 high school seniors at 65 high schools have taken the course over the past 20 years through Syracuse University’s Project Advance Program. He, with two colleagues, received an award from the Public Employees Roundtable for the best one-year curriculum for increasing the public awareness of the range and quality of services provided by public servants. Since 1993, he has served as a curriculum consultant to the High School for Leadership and Public Service in New York City, which was founded by the NYC Board of Education in partnership with the Maxwell School of Syracuse University.  His  articleWhat Has Happened to Our Citizens-In-Training, for the USA Today Magazine shows how skills need to be a component of all citizenship education at the high school and college levels.